We love wood fires. We have one in our home, and we also have a fire pit which is surrounded by logs for seating and wooden benches, where we can meet around the campfire to chat, eat yummy campfire food and just enjoy the setting. We may be sitting under a blue sky, with white clouds sliding across the sky, or we may be sitting under the canopy of stars against a black sky. Whatever the time of day it is, we can enjoy the warmth, fun and sense of togetherness as we gather around the campfire. We love the name of our business, Meet Around the Campfire, because it expresses everything we value most, community, warmth and sharing. The campfire represents, for us, a place to gather and connect with others, that’s not tied to an office or meeting hall. The warmth of the campfire is matched by the warmth of the companionship as we gather around the fire. People are more open in their sharing, because the atmosphere is relaxed and not hurried. This is where the most effective therapy happens, when people can open up about what is on the minds, and to listen to the sound wisdom that comes from others sharing their own experiences.

We know that not everyone likes meeting around a campfire, and we can adjust to their needs, but we find the concept is the same. Meeting together around a table, over a meal can offer the same relaxed atmosphere for sharing. This is especially important for families who find themselves separated by the busyness of modern life. Taking time to create a space to meet and to share is so important. This has been something we have missed this year of lock downs and restrictions, and our table and campfire seem cold and empty without the warmth of connection with others. Yet, Kevin and I have each other, and just two days ago, Kevin lit the fire in the fire pit, and we enjoyed a cuppa together around the campfire, while chatting with our neighbour who was working in his garden just the other side of the fence. Everything in me wanted to invite him over to join us, but restrictions prevented that, however it did not prevent us using what we had to connect and share with each other. Another thing I have noticed is the rise in popularity of fire pits in garden landscape design. It seems more and more people are seeing the benefits of being about to gather around the informal setting of a campfire, offering a place to share and enjoy each others company. This is encouraging, and for us, it is a move in a positive direction for strong communication in our communities.

We are very keen to promote the therapeutic value as well as the social connection of meeting around the campfire, and in September 2020 we will be introducing a new initiative called: “Friends of Meet Around the Campfire”. Through this connection, we will be offering discounts on our services; regular email updates on our activities; access to Meet Around the Campfire Podcast; discounts on our published material and so much more. We want to encourage everyone to discover greater connection with family; neighbours; friends; community and enjoy the benefits of the relaxed sharing that takes place around the campfire. We will be posting details on our Facebook Page – Meet Around the Campfire – or you can contact us through the contact page on this website, we’d love to hear from you. With spring in the air, we are turning our attention to more outdoor activities, and the exciting prospects of inviting people back into our homes to share in hospitality and build stronger connections.

May you all find peace and blessing in this time. Rhonda

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