God is not restricted by time, space, place or anything else.

We are facing uncertain times at the moment. The pandemic has changed so much about the way we live. This uncertainty has a particular affect on our children, who will often hear adult conversations about shutdowns; job insecurity and the separation from the wider family. Their security is shaken by the changes that have taken place due to lockdowns, and those things that were so reliable in the past have now become confusing. School shutdowns have taken their social interactions with their friends and direct communication with teachers that they have grown to trust. Children face the challenges of home life in lockdown, with nowhere to escape to. I believe that, as parents and grandparents, we need to offer a stable influence in their lives, and to reassure them that God is in control.

I encourage you to spend time talking about the stable and secure relationship you have with God. He is with us in the difficult as well as in the great times of life. He is faithful to His Word and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Take time to discuss with your family what these concepts about God mean for you and how you have experienced God’s faithfulness in the past. How are you experiencing God with you now?

Blessings, Kevin

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