Building and Flexing Spiritual Muscles Pt. 2
Scripture references from NIV

Many in the world today want to flex (their so called) Spiritual muscle under the guise of doing the will of God, when in fact it is only their own ideas and will being actioned. In the past, this has led to wars and a huge mess in the church resulting in many casualties. Things may sound good and indeed be good of and within themselves but once actioned they are found to be nothing more than babble coming from self or from bible verses taken out of context, they are ineffective or worse cause injury of one sort or another to the individual or to the people they are claiming to help.

If we are to be affective in what we do then we need to consult God and listen then act on His advice and leading even if that means abandoning our own well planned and reasoned out ideas.

On Christmas Eve 2019 I was reading Acts 21 and the words of verses 5 & 6 jumped out at me: “All of them, including wives and children, accompanied us out of the city, and there on the beach we all knelt to pray.” What words of wisdom a reminder for us to gather with others around the Word of God, seek His wisdom in all things, and move on it when we have the go ahead from Him!

Prayer is our means of connecting with God always comes before any flexing of spiritual muscles can take place. At that moment in time, the community of believers were building their Spiritual Muscles by connecting with God and each other through prayer. They were preparing for the day and events about to unfold.

I encourage you to think on these words, pray about then and talk about them with your family.
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