We are passionate about seeing the lives of individuals, couples and families reach their full potential.

We facilitate this through therapeutic conversations utilising client centred therapies leading to a richer and more fulfilled life.  Our goal is to PRESERVE, RESTORE & ENHANCE RELATIONSHIPS.


Kevin Luttrell:  Diploma Professional Counselling (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors); Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment TAA40104

I have been married to Rhonda for 45 years, and we have five wonderful children and 14 grandchildren, who are the delight and pleasure in my life.  I have always valued the opportunities to meet new people and to engage in meaningful conversations with them.

I have worked professionally for 30 years, helping people in good times and bad times to manage their life’s experiences and through these experiences, they discover new meaning and enhance their lives. I have worked in pastoral ministry in churches and as an industrial chaplain in Melbourne and in the Western District of Victoria.  Since gaining my counselling qualifications, I have worked in private practice and as a Rural Drought Counsellor, offering therapeutic support to a wide range of people.  I am currently working as a School Chaplain, having worked in schools in the Mornington Peninsula and currently in a small country school.

Over the last seven years, I have enjoyed the challenge of facilitating Men’s retreats, and I am excited to see the growth in the men as they engage in conversations about the things impacting them as men and their relationships as son’s, brothers, father’s, husband’s, grandfather’s and other role models in society.  I also enjoy working with Rhonda in enhancing the relationships of couples who come into our practice either for counselling or the weekend enrichment experiences.  Meet Around the Campfire brings together the things I love to do – travel this beautiful country of ours with my wife; engage in meaningful and therapeutic conversations with people around the campfire; seeing families and communities come together to make a better life.  I also get the chance to enjoy my other passions which include boating and fishing; working in the garden; spending time in my workshop; doing renovations around the home; and watching my AFL football team.


Rhonda Luttrell: Diploma Professional Counselling (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors); Master of Clinical Family Therapy (Latrobe University)

Kevin and I have been married 45 years, and I believe we are closer now than ever before.  We have five children and 14 grandchildren, all of whom are a joy and blessing to me.  I have always loved working with people and over the years I have enjoyed the challenge of study and gaining qualifications in the field of counselling and therapy.

I have worked in churches in pastoral ministry; community development and in the welfare sector, providing support to vulnerable families and leading a Families First team in the Grampians region and worked with Kevin in a private counselling practice.  I love facilitating workshops, and seeing people grow in confidence as they face the challenges of life.  I have seen marriages restored and women grow in confidence as they work through the wounds of the past.

It is a privilege and pleasure to be able to work with Kevin in this new business, Meet Around the Campfire, which brings together so many things that I value such as sharing meaningful conversations with people and delight in seeing people grow in confidence as they take on board new ways of communication and managing stressful situations. I also love the opportunity to enjoy the delights (and failures) of campfire cooking.  It is a privilege to travel around the country, exploring the rural and remote areas to extend the campfire community.    Meet around the campfire also gives me the opportunity to enjoy my other passions such as writing, painting, photography and swimming.

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